Vice Chancellor’s Message

Education intends to serve three basic objectives: acquisition of knowledge, development of skills, and assimilation of values. Traditionally, little importance was given to skill development in legal education. However, after the publication of Ma Crate Report in the 1990s, different measures have been adopted by law schools for skill development of students.

Moot Courts are the most important mechanism for lawyering skill development. By virtue of the wide-spread adoption of new legal dispute resolution mechanisms such as arbitration, conciliation, and mediation, Moot Court Competitions have acquired a new dimension. For disputes coming under Maritime Law, arbitration is the most effective device for ensuring speedy justice to all affected persons. The emergence of globalisation paved the way for increased disputes relating to transportation through sea. In this context, it is nice to see that NUALS is conducting an International Maritime Law Arbitration Competition.

Let the Competition be an opportunity for law students to sharpen their arbitration skills. It will definitely be an avenue for students from different countries to interact and share experiences. I Wish You All Success.

A warm welcome to NUALS!

Prof. (Dr.) K.C. Sunny