Vice Chancellor’s Message

The arena of Maritime Law has developed as a matter of global importance over the years. The Law of the Sea is a field which has attracted the best minds of every generation. It is a testimony to the juristic excellence at UNCLOS III, which was concluded after 9 years of deliberations and discussions. The UNCLOS had introduced a whole range of concepts such as the Territorial Sea, Contiguous Zone, Continental Shelf, EEZ and the Deep Sea Bed.

The area of practice of Maritime law is encountered with numerous challenges and raises various issues regarding the Carriage of Goods by Sea, Charter Parties, handling of bills of lading, seaworthiness of vessels, the question of marine insurance is also of importance. In addition to these global issues, there are disputes between nations which inter alia raise the applicability of principles of Innocent passage and hot pursuit.

The best method to get the student community to deliberate on the intricacies of the subject is by putting it across as a moot proposition. The NUALS Maritime Law Moot Court Competition was launched in 2014 with the objective of providing a platform to test the legal acumen and potential of law students. Maritime law is a realm of which there are few Moot Court Competitions. After the success of the four editions, efforts are initiated to raise the level still further to make the 5th edition of the Competition highly challenging by conducting an International Arbitration competition which assumes great significance today.

The NUALS International Maritime Law Competition (NIMLAC) will serve as a unique opportunity for law students to explore the nuances of Maritime Law and improve their research, advocacy and professional skills.

I am proud to note that my students at NUALS have realised the significance of the subject and took the initiative to organise an International Maritime Arbitration Competition. Let me invite the legal fraternity to be a part of the 5th edition of the NUALS International Maritime Law Arbitration Competition to discuss and deliberate on the issues of the moot problem.

A warm welcome to NUALS!